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In the next few weeks, I have a fair amount of travel on the schedule and I thought it would be fun to do a series on my runs in the various cities. Chattanooga gets to start it off! Yesterday morning, I ran through downtown Chattanooga and down by the river. This was my first time to this lovely city and I was really impressed.


The river views were especially nice down by the Chattanooga Aquarium.


There were also some interesting historical markers I stopped to read along the way.


It looked like they were very busy setting up for a music festival that must be taking place this weekend.


After the run, I headed to what is literally one of the busiest Starbucks I’ve ever seen! They were slammed, but I just had to have my post run coffee infusion.


I got a chance to see lots of the fun things that this city has to offer. An aquarium and a children’s museum were within walking distance of each other. I definitely think my family needs a weekend trip here later this year! Overall, great city and a great place to run.

Have you ever run Chattanooga?


National Running Day!

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I’m about to head out for my run on National Running Day! Best part about my run today is that I am in a new city! I love heading out somewhere I’ve never run before.

Check out the website for all kinds of great info.


I run for so many reasons — fitness, health, life, fun, friends, clothes, my kids, endurance, self preservation…., the list could go on and on.

Why do you run?

Running in Style


Yesterday, I received a Facebook message from my local Lululemon store and couldn’t resist heading in to get this cute outfit.


My running friends and I are often fashionistas in the mornings. In fact, I might spend more money on running clothes and shoes than I do on the ones I wear to work! I do love cute running clothes though. They are functional and fashionable. Lululemon, Running Skirts, Sparkle Skirts and Balancing Act Clothing are some of my favorites.

Be watching for a fun fashion giveaway later this week.

What do you wear to run in? Are you a fashionista?

Stormy Weather


This morning brought lightning, rain and about 10 cars full of runners at the normal meeting spot trying to decide if we were going to run. Yep, I was one of them.


The smart people left, the few of us that stayed are either nuts (Bains) or on a streak (Randy, Julie and Me). (Sorry Bains). In all seriousness, Bains is a rockstar for coming with us.


It was a short run, but the streak is alive!

Meanwhile, I’m super excited to see my husband and son who get back home today. They have been out of town at a wedding. Aren’t they cute?


Have you ever risked life and limb for a run?

A tribute

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This week, I got news that my grandmother isn’t doing well. She is almost 90 and has had Alzheimers for many years so I said goodbye to her in many ways years ago. I still long to have just one more warm hug from her and can’t wait to spend time playing many of the card games she taught me when I see her in heaven. She is an inspiration in many ways. She raised five amazing children, was a kind and giving person and yes– she even ran on occasion. She was a wonderful grandmother and while I can no longer talk to her in the same way we once could, I can look at pictures and remember better times. Here are a few photos of her from over the years…





I pray that her final days are peaceful, no matter how numbered they may be. I know my grandfather is anxiously waiting for her arrival in heaven! Love you grandma!


Long Run Saturday

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The weather in Birmingham this morning was perfect running weather! In the 50s when we started and stayed under 70 through the finish. I wish we could enjoy this all summer long! This morning was day 6 in the Runner’s World Run Streak and I knocked out 13 miles. That put this weeks’ mileage at a cool 40. I’m hoping I can continue to rack the miles through the run streak and pick up a little speed in the process.

I ran with the Shijenben group the morning and we headed for a little breakfast post-run. So fun!


I also got the chance to witness my good friend Russ complete his 22 mile run before his upcoming marathon. Russ has had an amazing journey and this morning he received this set of framed photos from a friend of his. Check out his before and after pics!


He has come such a long way and is going to rock his marathon! So proud of you Russ!

Did you run your long run today? How was it?

One shoe can change your life


It’s no secret that I’m a huge Disney fan. Cinderella is one of my all time favorite characters. The best part of her story is when the shoe, the beautiful glass slipper that won’t fit anyone else, fits her!


I have always been a shoe lover, but ever since I’ve been running my shoe obsession has been taken to another level. A good pair of shoes that is made for your type of foot is a requirement for anyone looking to put in the miles. Neutral, stability, and minimalist are words anyone who has spent time shopping for running shoes knows. The wrong pair of shoes can mean trouble — which in running is just another word for injuries. I’ve learned the hard way that certain shoes just don’t work for me. I’ve also learned that over time, the type of shoes I might need is going to change. Running 20 miles on a Saturday morning might call for something different than speed work or from what I might wear on a hill run.

Recently, I’ve been trying to do a better job of changing things up and, hopefully, avoiding injury in the process. One of the shoes that I’ve really been enjoying lately is the Brooks Pure Connect.


I have to admit though that the color isn’t really my favorite. I’ve really been eyeing the new spring color below.


It seems that my IT Band is digging the Pure Connect and so I hope to continue to run in them as much as I can. I might just head out in search of the new color in the VERY near future.

Weekly running miles so far: 19.

What type of shoes do you wear? How important is color to your decision about which shoes to buy?