Chattanooga – Run This Town


In the next few weeks, I have a fair amount of travel on the schedule and I thought it would be fun to do a series on my runs in the various cities. Chattanooga gets to start it off! Yesterday morning, I ran through downtown Chattanooga and down by the river. This was my first time to this lovely city and I was really impressed.


The river views were especially nice down by the Chattanooga Aquarium.


There were also some interesting historical markers I stopped to read along the way.


It looked like they were very busy setting up for a music festival that must be taking place this weekend.


After the run, I headed to what is literally one of the busiest Starbucks I’ve ever seen! They were slammed, but I just had to have my post run coffee infusion.


I got a chance to see lots of the fun things that this city has to offer. An aquarium and a children’s museum were within walking distance of each other. I definitely think my family needs a weekend trip here later this year! Overall, great city and a great place to run.

Have you ever run Chattanooga?


2 thoughts on “Chattanooga – Run This Town

  1. I LOVE Chattanooga! They have done a great job at revitalizing their downtown and riverside. I’ve also heard that you can run for miles on the sidewalk along the river and run in the nearby Chickamauga military park.

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