One shoe can change your life


It’s no secret that I’m a huge Disney fan. Cinderella is one of my all time favorite characters. The best part of her story is when the shoe, the beautiful glass slipper that won’t fit anyone else, fits her!


I have always been a shoe lover, but ever since I’ve been running my shoe obsession has been taken to another level. A good pair of shoes that is made for your type of foot is a requirement for anyone looking to put in the miles. Neutral, stability, and minimalist are words anyone who has spent time shopping for running shoes knows. The wrong pair of shoes can mean trouble — which in running is just another word for injuries. I’ve learned the hard way that certain shoes just don’t work for me. I’ve also learned that over time, the type of shoes I might need is going to change. Running 20 miles on a Saturday morning might call for something different than speed work or from what I might wear on a hill run.

Recently, I’ve been trying to do a better job of changing things up and, hopefully, avoiding injury in the process. One of the shoes that I’ve really been enjoying lately is the Brooks Pure Connect.


I have to admit though that the color isn’t really my favorite. I’ve really been eyeing the new spring color below.


It seems that my IT Band is digging the Pure Connect and so I hope to continue to run in them as much as I can. I might just head out in search of the new color in the VERY near future.

Weekly running miles so far: 19.

What type of shoes do you wear? How important is color to your decision about which shoes to buy?


2 thoughts on “One shoe can change your life

  1. I’m a Newton girl. These Brooks look pretty great though — I’m tempted to give them a try! I am really interested in Altras too! There are so many great options coming out now!

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