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No, I’m not talking about football. I’m talking about running in the morning and then coming home from work, lacing up, and going again. It sounds a little bit crazy (I know), but it can actually make you stronger. It also can get you lots of strange looks from your running buddies. Last summer, I tried doing some two-a-days as I was able and I’m going to try it again this summer as I attempt to pick up some speed.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and ran 4.10 with the Village Runners. During the day, I received this photo from my friend Darnell with the caption “just sayin'” attached to it in a text message.


If you can’t tell, that picture was supposed to be showing me just how hot it was — 97 degrees to be exact. High temps or not, Darnell and I went out and did another (albeit slower) 5 miles from the Trak Shak.


For those of you who aren’t from Birmingham, the Trak Shak Wednesday night run is a great time to get together with lots of other runners from the area and to drink a cold one (that is right, FREE BEER) after the run. I highly recommend it.


One or two runs a day, seeing other runners and drinking beer with them after a sweaty run is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Have you ever tried incorporating two-a-days into your running routine? Did it help or hurt?


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