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No, I’m not talking about football. I’m talking about running in the morning and then coming home from work, lacing up, and going again. It sounds a little bit crazy (I know), but it can actually make you stronger. It also can get you lots of strange looks from your running buddies. Last summer, I tried doing some two-a-days as I was able and I’m going to try it again this summer as I attempt to pick up some speed.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and ran 4.10 with the Village Runners. During the day, I received this photo from my friend Darnell with the caption “just sayin'” attached to it in a text message.


If you can’t tell, that picture was supposed to be showing me just how hot it was — 97 degrees to be exact. High temps or not, Darnell and I went out and did another (albeit slower) 5 miles from the Trak Shak.


For those of you who aren’t from Birmingham, the Trak Shak Wednesday night run is a great time to get together with lots of other runners from the area and to drink a cold one (that is right, FREE BEER) after the run. I highly recommend it.


One or two runs a day, seeing other runners and drinking beer with them after a sweaty run is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Have you ever tried incorporating two-a-days into your running routine? Did it help or hurt?


Sometimes there is rain

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Last night, we had just a little bit of rain here in the ‘Ham. I couldn’t help but hope that it cleared up in time for my morning run. The rain also made me remember my very first 22 mile run last Fall. It was done entirely in the rain. Yes, 22 miles in never ending rain. It was also done with three of my very favorite people in the entire world.


The most amazing part of the run was that two of the four runners didn’t actually need to run 22 miles or run in the rain. You know what? They did it anyway. You might ask why they would choose to run through solid rain on a VERY long run that they didn’t need? It can simply be described as true friendship. Two of us needed the run, rain or not, and the other two were going to be there for us, rain or not.

One of the best things I’ve taken away from running are the friends I’ve made. I can honestly say that they are some of the best friends I’ve ever had and I know they will be with me, rain or shine. Ironically, the same group of four ended up at the Disney Princess race earlier this year. What a great celebration of a fun running year together.


Love you ladies! Here’s to many more runs in the rain.

How would you describe the friendships you have made running?

Summer Training Begins — Inspired by Disney


Today officially starts my summer training for the Lululemon Sea Wheeze Half Marathon, Disney Tower of Terror 10 mile, and Marine Corps Marathon. Wow. I’m really looking forward to all of these Fall races, but this morning I’m really focused on the Disney race. I love, love, love Disney and I really love Disney running. During my humid 5 miles today, I tried to focus on my next Disney run.


The picture in this post is from the meet up at the Disneyland Tinkerbell Race from last year. I’m not sure I’ll be running Tink again this year, but both the Tower of Terror and Goofy (half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day) are on my list! Very few races inspire me to get moving like Disney. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a Castaway Cay 5k during my summer cruise on the Fantasy.

What Disney races are you training for? Are there other races that inspire you?

Memorial Day Run

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In order to take advantage of the holiday and to honor those who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom (including the freedom to run), I ran something a little different today. 5.60 miles starting at 6:30, which in Alabama means — a little too late in the morning to beat the heat. We ran what has become known as “the hill run” as coined by my running Coach Danny from Run University. It was a tough run, but very cathartic and ended with iced coffee — always a good thing.



Tomorrow, my training schedule starts anew. Lululemon Sea Wheeze Half Marathon, Disney Tower of Terror 10 mile, and Marine Corps Marathon are all on my late summer / fall schedule. In order to keep me on track through what is going to be lots of June work travel, I’ve decided to attempt to participate in the Runner’s World run streak from Memorial Day through the 4th of July…hope I can see if through.

What are your Memorial Day plans? Relaxing or running, I hope you have an awesome day and take a little time out to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Medal Party

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Last night, my running group (the Village Runners),met up for dinner and then headed to the Shijenben (another group we run with on Saturdays) Medal Party. A medal party is nothing more than a chance to wear your favorite medal from this year and spend time with good friends. All in all it was an awesome night. Pics to prove it!





Hot and Humid

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Nothing like starting Memorial Day Weekend with a hot and humid 10 miles. I was super thankful that my Village Runner buddies Randy, Darnell and Allison were willing to cut out a little early and run the trail back for some shade. All in all it was a good run and MUCH less intense than last weekend’s 8.5 mile leg in the Dixie 200 (photo below).

Tonight is going to be even more running group fun. Dinner with my running BFFs the Village Runners followed by the ShiJenBen Running Group Medal Party — yes, that is going to be as fun as it sounds! Pics to follow….